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Aug 11, 2013 9:00am PDT
in an ihop in texas earning $2.13 an hour, graveyard shift, no tips. the company's supposed to make up the difference between 2:13 and $7.25. but time and time again, that doesn't happen. and when a slow night happens, and you don't earn anything, or very little in tips, you often can't pay the rent. and i guarantee you in every restaurant in america there's at least one person who's on the verge of homelessness or being evicted or going through some kind of instability. it's an incredible irony that the people that who put food on our tables use food stamps at twice the rate of the rest of the us workforce. meaning that the people who put food on our tables can't afford to put food on their own families' tables. the other key issue that we find that workers face is the lack of paid sick days and healthcare benefits. two-thirds of all workers report cooking, preparing, and serving food when they're ill, with the flu or other sicknesses. and with a wage as little as $2.13, so reliant on tips for their wages, these workers simply cannot afford to take a day off when sick, let alone risk
Aug 25, 2013 3:00pm EDT
like yours. i take it with me everywhere. right, right. it's been to texas twice, arizona... right. it didn't go on one trip. ...that went well for you. and, well, it didn't work too well. the first night i was down there-- it's two hours away to my wife's folks and, uh, it didn't make it. i woke up, you know, after an hour, two hours, three hours. finally, five o'clock in the morning, i got up, drove back up to where we live, grabbed the pillow... wow! there you go! so, on the second night... [applause] the second night, i had a good nighs sleep. right, that's awesome. and then, my wife, she'd like to thank you because i don't snore. wow, that's a... [laughs] you're back in the same bedroom! it's great. you know, it just goes to show even someone your size... we help everybody, from the smallest person up to the biggest, you know? it's great. that's an awesome story. and we're gonna see you again at the state fair this year? yes, you are. i'll be there myself. thanks. thank you. [applause] andy was so enthusiastic about sharing his story and being here today so i can see why. than
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)